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Speed Test - Lightning (Europe)

The purpose of this page is to provide a base for benchmarking the speed of MonsterMegs Web hosting servers internet transfer speed and computational speed.

We hope that some day other Web hosting companies will follow suit, and provide some sort of system by which prospective customers can ascertain the quality of the Web host's service.


Transfer Speed Test

For most users, this is the most important test, as this reflects the speed at which your visitors will be able to view the pages on your site, or the rate at which they are able to download larger files, such as photos etc.

Unfortunately, this test is also the most difficult to do accurately. This is because the speed that a file downloads depends on a number of factors, not just our own servers internet connection. The most important other factor is, of course, the speed of your own internet connection. Consequently, if you're on dial-up, this test will have little value, since the speed of your modem will be the real limiting factor in the download speed. Broadband users on the other hand should get a reasonably good indication of our potential throughput.


Network information

Server Location: Netherlands

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Test files: 10MB 100MB 500MB 1GB

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